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June 4, 2018

Barron, Wisconsin Junior BFF Photo Session

We loved photographing our Barron girls this last weekend. They blew us away with their sense of style.  They came up with the cute dress/romper combos that were so stunning on each and every one of them.  We are Rice Lake girls at heart, but we have been known to spend some time in Barron here and there.  Back in the day (ohhh that makes us feel old), we would drive, every week, during the summer months to play “Barron League” for basketball.  We loved the freedom it gave us.  We felt like we were driving 2 hours at the time, especially after just getting our license. We could not believe our parents were letting us drive ALL the way from Rice Lake to Barron, with a car full of basketball girls….and yes, we drove in style, with our 1992 Buick Regal…custom. No worries there. We were looking good.

Although it only took approximately 13 minutes or so to get to the high school in Barron to play ball, it felt like we had so much freedom for some odd reason.  Seeing these Barron girls last weekend, all packed into one small vehicle, driving to Rice Lake, sent us back to those memories. Thanks, girls. We love to feel young again.

This group of girls (Lydia, Kierra, Kiara, Taylor, and Kiley) were so kind and each had their own unique sense of style and spirit about them.  We loved the interaction they had together. They shared lots of giggles, lipstick, and possibly melted bomb pops on their ride home. They nailed the photoshoot with ease.  We are so excited to see what these beauties have in store for them during their senior year. We LOVE making these new (and old…Lydia was just in 2nd grade when we saw her last…omg has she grown to be such a gorgeous young woman) connections with such lovely young women.  You can tell they have great big hearts that will do wonders.

Check out the sweetness we are talking about below.


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