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June 27, 2022

What is Aperture?

What is Aperture?

What is Aperture?


Wait. What!? Aperture is evil!? Well….no, it’s not. It’s not evil if you are using it right and setting it properly on your camera. Using the wrong aperture and not understanding the aperture could leave you very frustrated with blurry images, a lack of bokeh that everyone loves, and so much more!

Today we are going to tackle all things aperture. We are talking about what it is, why it’s important to understand the correct aperture, and how we set our aperture when using manual mode.

If you are someone that is still struggling with manual mode, we have free manual mode training happening right now that you can sign up for. Check out the link here.


Watch the full video here

Free Manual Mode Camera Settings Guide

BONUS: We have more! Guess what? We have a YouTube Channel with a TON of photography tutorials. We are going to link some of our all-time favorites here.

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