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August 15, 2021

Lilydale Wedding – Sophie and Trevor

What a beautiful day! Whoa! From the moment we drove up to Lilydale to the moment we headed back home, we were in awe of the beauty everywhere. As we did a lap around to check for lighting, we found a few family and friends helping with the final touches on the ceremony site. Margo’s floral arrangements were stunning. Next, we headed into the venue where we kept getting distracted by the details and beauty Sophie, Trevor, and all of their family and friends put into this special day. Finally, we headed upstairs to the bridal sweet. While that was stunning in itself, so was the bride-to-be (and all of her friends of course)!  Sophie was getting her final touches done on her hair and makeup and just chillin’ with her girls. What an amazing group just like John said in his speech later in the night.

The nerves started rising as Sophie and Trevor were getting closer to their first looks. Just like we would have imagined, Trevor was in awe of Sophie when he turned around to see her for the first time.  It was so obvious to everyone that the love they share is one that everyone dreams of having. It was also easy to see that they have learned a lot about love from their parents and siblings. The families, siblings, and friends are all so kind-hearted. It was truly a blessing to be a part of this day. We know Trevor and Sophie to a certain extent but we learned even more about them throughout the day. The “equation” is an easy one to solve…these two former competitive basketball players are meant for one another.

To the groom who never settles for 2nd place, we know we will continue to watch you lay your heart on your sleeve. Remember to always look at Sophie like you did when she was ten….we mean, when you were coaching and saw her in the stands. Trevor, you didn’t settle for 2nd place yesterday. You won Sophie’s heart and we can see why!

To the bride who managed to stay calm through everything, including a bee sting, we know just how big your heart is. Everyone kept saying this over and over again. You are one of a kind….and it isn’t just your dad who wishes a walk with you would be 3 miles instead of what felt like 3 steps down the aisle. You will always be someone who listens, someone who will always be up for a walk (possibly in your new kicks), and someone who will care so much for Trevor day in and day out. You make everyone feel important and feel a part of you.

Team Kiehl, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for welcoming us in on your big day. The love you share is the love everyone longs to have. You are incredibly easy to be around, care so deeply about others, and will make the best team, no doubt.

Take a look at some photos from Sophie and Trevor’s wedding day…