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November 16, 2020

Behind The Scenes Family Photo Session

Behind The Scenes Family Photo Session

Behind The Scenes Family Photo Session

Do you want to see what it is like at one of our photoshoots? We would love to share this with you! As you watch, be sure to notice the following things happening:

    • There are two of us there. It helps to have an extra person to entertain the kids!
    • We sound insane with our voices to the little boys
    • We tell the mom and dad (Megan and Bill) exactly how to sit or stand. We don’t worry too much about telling the young kids to do this.
    • The mom and dad stand behind us to get them to smile at that camera more rather than off to the side.
    • We got the family pictures done first because those are typically most important to the parents. 
    • You can tell the kids were DONE at the end.


Enjoy this behind the scenes family photo session! We hope you can take some sort of tip from it. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions you have via Instagram or Email. We LOVE to help out!


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