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August 30, 2020

Hope Glen Farm and Tree House Wedding – Kathrine and Ryan

It wasn’t the day from 2020 that you would expect. It was 70 degrees. The sun was shining. The people were welcoming. The food was over the top delicious. Not to mention, there was ICE CREAM!! The venue was beyond gorgeous. The bride was even more stunning. Love was truly everywhere in the air.

The family and friends that joined Kathrine and Ryan for their special day were incredibly kind, full of humor, and kept us on our toes. We enjoyed every minute of this day with the couple, family, and friends. We feel so grateful to have been part of this wonderful day.

The bride shared a special and emotional moment with her dad at the start of the day. Next up, was her first look with Ryan and although it ended in need of a tide pen, it was a beautiful moment. Kathrine and Ryan were lucky enough to have Kathrine’s sister as the officiant of their wedding. She blew everyone away and offered great advice to the new couple during the breathtaking ceremony!

Kathrine’s Matron of Honor gave a very sweet and thoughtful speech. We learned that they have been inseparable ever since they showed horses together. She reminded everyone of how sweet and Kathrine is and how kind she is to everyone. We couldn’t have agreed more. We understand why it was so sad when they moved away from one another. We love that they are still able to keep in touch and are always the first call when they need one another. That is a friendship that is sure to last forever!

Ryan’s cousin and best man left the guests laughing nonstop. We learned all about Ryan’s obsession with gaming and dealing with the Wisconsin speed of the internet (apparently we don’t have good internet in Wisconsin!). You could tell by the way Ryan looked at Kathrine that he is patient and would do anything for her. It was incredibly obvious throughout the day that these two adored each other. Every time Ryan left Kathrine’s side, she gave him a kiss. It was too cute. We can see them doing this 30 years down the road still!

From the kisses to the joyful tears that flowed throughout this entire day, we were so glad to have been a part of this. Please enjoy some moments from Kathrine and Ryan’s day by looking at the photos below.