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June 30, 2020

The Church Barn Wedding – Nina and Jon

The smell of rubber tires was in the air. It all started here… 2,769 days ago (even more now). Nina and Jon met at Farm and Fleet. They both worked there. They knew of each other and randomly met at a get together with friends, where they have been glued together ever since…well, except for the week that Jon goes to Canada. 

As we drove up to the Church Barn, we were greeted by some of the nicest people ever, from Billie the beyond organized owner of the venue (The Church Barn) to Nina and all of her girls! The day was bright, sunny, and humid, but none of that mattered because…well, the bridal suite had AC…oh, and it was their SPECIAL DAY! Nina and Jon, both extremely easy-going and personable, made the day feel like a breeze to anyone who attended. 

We could feel the nerves starting to arise as it got closer to the first look. Jon stood in the shade outside and waited for Nina to arrive…and he waited some more…and some more…then she came, in her beautiful dress she got from Poland (where her mom is originally the way, her mom is quite the hoot)! Tears filled his eyes immediately, just like they did the night before at the rehearsal. Nina and Jon both knew it was going to be a tear-filled and emotional day for everyone. 

We learned a little more about both Nina and Jon as the day went on, from the officiant to the speeches and just hanging around their wonderful family and friends. Before Nina came along at Farm and Fleet, Jon had a little obsession with Miley Cyrus and a few other things, such as golf and enjoying some drinks with the guys. We learned that Jon is confident and optimistic about everything in life, even twerking! We also know that he can write some pretty sweet letters for Nina – even in cursive and it always catches Nina by surprise. 

Nina adores Jon, just as Jon loves her. It is so obvious they are meant to be! Anytime Nina is away from Jon, whether it be when he is in Canada or cruising down the road with “Fabio the GPS and Allie”, she seems to relate everything and anything to Jon. Any story she tells is about Jon. Now isn’t that the biggest sign of LOVE!? Nina is so incredibly laid back about life and we saw that in her on her own wedding day. If you want to find an incredibly relaxed and easy-going bride, look no further than Nina! You also couldn’t’ find someone easier to talk to than Nina. She makes you always feel like you are so important, no matter who you are. 

Nina and Jon, the 2,769 days were worth it. The day was perfect. The food was incredible. The cupcakes were filled with sugar and so worth the extra calories. The guests were so welcoming and there for YOU two. Remember, be like a palm tree of Hawaii and always remember your reality with each other is better than your dreams. Thank you for inviting us to such a fun day. We couldn’t have asked for a better start to our wedding season.