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October 3, 2019

Rice Lake, WI Senior Session: Breanna Rundhaug

We loved this session. Breanna will be the first to admit that her style is “different”. It’s a great kind of different. We loved the variety she brought to her session. We can tell Breanna has a very unique, yet sweet side to her. We started Breanna’s session downtown in Rice Lake. We strolled through the streets and alleyways…and even hit up a local restaurant. We then headed out toward Mommsen’s Harvest Hills where we ended with some photos and fun ideas she had in mind!

5 things we learned about Breanna:

  1. She likes cherries on her ice cream.
  2. She loves to shop at Ragstock.
  3. The scrunchie trend drives her nuts.
  4. She loves small sunglasses.
  5. She may have a little obsession with Al Roker. 😉

Check out some fun photos from her session below.