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September 2, 2019

Cady Acres Wedding – Khia and Kyle

It wasn’t your typical August weather. The temperature was cool. It seemed to please everyone. The day was a beautiful day for a wedding. As soon as we arrived at Cady Acres, we were welcomed with open arms. The bridesmaids were doing their final touches in the bridal suite, while the guys were relaxing and playing yard games. As the boys were chillin’ out maxin’ relaxin’ all cool…the girls were up to no good…okay, you get the idea if you know Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Anyway, the girls decided to surprise the guys by “icing” them. We don’t think the guys hated it that much. They secretly loved throwing it way back to their early drinking days.

Just before the first look, Khia and Kyle exchanged hand-written letters to one another. They both wrote out a thoughtful little letter to each other before they were ready to see each other for their first look. Kyle was blown away by Khia’s beauty the moment she tapped him on the shoulder and he first turned around.

Guests began to arrive. They headed to the bar where one of their drinks of choice was the refreshing and frozen, KP Colada. This was a drink they came up with themselves and everyone seemed to love. The moment was about to begin. Khia was about to walk down and see her soon-to-be-husband waiting at the end of the aisle. Nerves filled the air and so did the sunshine, that started peeking out just at the moment the ceremony began.

We found out a lot about Khia and Kyle throughout the day. Everyone talked so highly of both of them. We can see why. They both have the biggest hearts and care about every single person they encounter. According to Ashley, Khia is always there, no matter how busy life gets. She is thoughtful and selfless and loves her a good magic 8 ball. Khia is patient. She allows Kyle to do his 3 favorite things: hunting, fishing, and shooting trap. Good thing she likes to shop and keeps busy with her work schedule. Even on her birthday, she was willing to join and help plant food plots last minute. She was willing to help for not one, not two, not three, not four…you get the picture….way too many hours, just to make Kyle happy.

Kyle also allows Khia to have hobbies of her own. He may even join in on a few, like watching The Bachelor. Don’t worry Kyle, our husbands watch it, too. Are you thinking Peter for the next Bachelor? Oh sorry, we got sidetracked there. Back to Kyle…Don’t let Kyle’s athletic physique trick you. He is a big teddy bear, with a giant heart of gold, from what we heard and saw. Kyle made sure everyone was having a good time, had what they needed, and even put together a pretty awesome speech himself.

Khia and Kyle, we wish you the very best. Thank you for allowing us to join you on your special day. We had so much fun. We love that you each have your own hobbies and also have hobbies together. We think that will strengthen your marriage even more. Always be each others angel and cowboy.

P.S. Thank you for having donuts at your wedding. #ESquaredProud #ESquaredApproved #KPSquared.

Take a look at some images from their amazing day below.

The Creative Team 

Venue: Cady Acres 

Makeup: Blush 

Hair: FabuLace

DJ: Pulse Entertainment 

Dessert: Northwoods Bakery Cafe 

Florist: Pretty Bunch Floral 

Photography: E-Squared Photography