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July 27, 2019

Eau Claire, WI Senior Session: Emma Nelson

We spent this windy summer evening with Emma, her amazing mom, and her good dance friend, Celina.  Emma wanted to find some unique locations and be somewhere that meant something to her and Eau Claire was the perfect place for that.  Emma dances in Eau Claire and it is kind of like her second home.  You will see down below the work she puts into her dance with what we learned about her.  It’s insane!   We took our time and explored Eau Claire and found some super fun spots and even ran into a few of Emma’s friends. It was such a fun time.

Thank you so much for an amazing evening, Emma!

5 things we learned about Emma:

  1. She does up to almost 20 dances a year. You GUYS! She has to learn all of these…at the same time!
  2. She has an amazing sense of style. We adored her outfits.
  3. She’s so dedicated and determined in all parts of her life.
  4. She travels to Eau Claire almost every single day and sometimes twice in one day.
  5. She wants to be part of E-Cubed someday. 😉

Take a look at this beauty below!