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April 17, 2019


It can be very frustrating after all of your hard work planning for your big day when the weather decides to turn on you! The big question is: What DO you do if it rains on your wedding day? We definitely recommend having backup plans with your vendors for your ceremony and reception, but we would like to offer some other tips that will help you relax and enjoy your day if it does decide to rain (….or snow….).

  1. Find open & covered space
    • We are huge into natural light and love taking your photos outdoors if possible.  Covered walkways, wide porches, large overhangs, etc. can all be great places where you can still get the beautiful natural light photos, but stay dry at the same time! Talk to your wedding planner or photographer about finding these types of locations near your venue.
  2. Find an indoor space
    • If it is down pouring and there is no covered space option, you’ll most likely need to head indoors for photos.  Large windows and bright white spaces are our best friends in situations like this.  Work with your wedding planner/photographer to help you with ideas.  Side note: We have rearranged the schedule to wait out the rain and get photos outdoors. This is totally an option!
  3. Umbrella, ella, ella, eh, eh, eh
    • We love clear, rounded umbrellas because they allow plenty of light to come in. It is best to stay away from black umbrellas when possible.  If it looks like rain on your big day, it can be a good idea to plan ahead and have enough umbrellas for your wedding party.  We ordered these off of Amazon.
  4. Keep calm and carry on!
    • Every single wedding we’ve witnessed there has been something minor that goes wrong and that is OK! It goes unnoticed and never is a big deal in the long run.  Don’t let that ruin your day.  Just live in the moment and you will be able to enjoy your day instead of dwelling on the minor things that go wrong.  No matter what, you will get amazing photos and you will have a great time with your family and friends!

We hope that these tips will help relieve some stress! By the way, when it rains, the photos end up being just as gorgeous! The colors during/after rain are so vibrant!

Need a timeline guide for your wedding day? We are here to help! Here is a free download just for you.