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March 27, 2019

Senior Portrait Accessory and Location Guide

We find that many seniors really want their session to be unique from any other session! We LOVE that! We thought we would give you a list of some great accessory and location ideas that sometimes people don’t think about! Do you see one or two you love? Perfect! Let us know and we can work that into your session!

– A Local Diner
– Fast Food Restaurant
– Candy Shop
– Junk Food Aisle of a Grocery Store  (or maybe a makeup aisle of a department store)
– Arcade
– Coffee Shop
– Playground
– Greenhouse
– Pool
– Beach
– Pumpkin Patch
– The Fair
– Gas Station
– Your Favorite Store
– Record Store

The list could go on! Think outside the box and you will come up with some awesome ideas! If you are trying to figure out how these locations could possibly work for a senior session, let us know…we have seen some pretty cute photos in very unexpected locations! It’s not a bad idea to look back at our Instagram posts and find some spots you think look cool!

– Pop
-Ice Cream
– Roller Skates
– Cotton Candy
– Bowling Ball & Shoes
– Beach Ball
– Sun Glasses
– Popsicle
– College Gear
– Bouquet of Flowers
– Floral Crowns
– Grapefruit/Pineapple
– Inner Tube
– Old School Microphone
– Shopping Bags
– Hats
– Map/Globe
– Shopping Cart
– Lemonade/Icee
– Books
– Vintage Graphic T-Shirt
– Bubble Gum
– Donuts, Pizza, Favorite Food, etc.

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