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October 31, 2018

Rice Lake, WI Senior Session: Paige Kobielush

Paige is a sweetie! We started her session with her mom and dad.  We did a mini family session before all of her senior photos.  Her parents were so kind.  We can tell where Paige gets her sweet personality and great looks! What a good-lookin’ family! After her family session, we moved onto her stunning photos. We started with some fun outdoorsy shots, where Paige wore one of Emily’s all-time favorite dresses.  The orange looked so great with fall colors and amazing on Paige. We continued her session in town and ended with some Warriorette photos, which is something Paige loves to do — dance.  She felt a little weird walking around downtown in her Warriorette uniform (is that what you call it? Maybe it’s called a costume).  However, the Halloween parties were happenin’ that night, so she fit right in! 🙂

5 things we learned about Paige:

  1. She loves her Olive Garden. And so do we.
  2. Her friends would describe her as funny and easygoing.
  3. While her parents would describe her as smart and kind. 🙂
  4. She loves Lululemon.
  5. She would love to travel to the Bahamas someday with her friends.


Check out some of Paige’s session below!