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October 19, 2018

Gabby’s Rice Lake, WI Senior Session

Gabby is the sweetest thing!

Holy moly. Gabby put up with a very cold and windy afternoon.  She somehow still managed to look amazing and effortless, through the wind gusts and chills.  We started Gabby’s session at Mommsen’s Pumpkin Patch.  The entire session, from beginning to end, was filled with so many giggles.  Not only did Gabby have the “giggle look” down, but she also dominated the serious and soft smile.  She looked absolutely stunning in her outfit choices. We loved the yellow dress she picked out, too! What a wonderful color for a fall session.

5 things we learned about Gabby:

  1. She wants to go to school to pursue a degree in science and nursing and then to medical school!
  2. Her friends would describe her as bubbly and friendly.
  3. She loves the Packers.
  4. She is well liked by everyone!
  5. She rocks red hair like nobody’s business.


Check out some of Gabby’s session below!