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September 14, 2018

Anna and Ella’s Rice Lake, WI Senior Session

Anna and Ella made their session so much fun! We started out downtown to capture some photos, headed to Turtleback Golf Course (where both of them work as servers), and ended at the high school.  We would have to say that our trip to Turtleback was one to remember.  They trusted us with golf carts.  We will just leave it at that. We loved working with Anna and Ella because we share a love for the bachelor/bachelorette and they get all those BIP crazy personalities!

These two ladies are very intelligent, athletic, incredibly kind, and have perfect teeth (Emily noticed this while editing these photos).  We were so lucky to have a chance to hang out with them for their BFF session.

Here are some things we learned about each of them:


  1. She prefers the bachelorette over the bachelor and wished that Ben Higgens was the next bachelor (sorry, Colton).
  2. Anna would love to go camping in the mountains if she could choose a vacation spot right now.
  3. She is an amazing runner and trains with her brother in the summer months.
  4. Anna’s friends would describe her as selfless and generous.
  5. She knows how to work the camera with her beautiful smile!


  1. She’s not afraid to take the keys to a golf cart and take it off-roading.
  2. Ella would love to go somewhere tropical with Jasmine and Calli.
  3. Ella is 15 minutes older than her twin sister.  She likes to tell people that she is 15 minutes faster than Anna.
  4. She has GORGEOUS eyelashes!!
  5. Ella does a fabulous job curling hair (see Anna’s pictures below).

Thanks, Anna & Ella!  Check out some of their session below.