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August 3, 2018

Cindy & Todd’s Wedding at Turtleback Golf Course: Rice Lake, WI

This was a day filled with so much energy and laughter. If any of you know Cindy or Todd, that should not be a surprise to you.  When we got asked to photograph their wedding, we got super excited and giddy. We were both students of Cindy’s, back in our middle school glory days.  We couldn’t let this one slip by us when we got the chance to be there.

The day was perfect for so many reasons, but the weather was by far the best for this wedding season.  Being it was the end of July, we were, of course, expecting hot and humid temperatures. However, it was sunny and cool. Just perfect.

When we arrived at the salon to snap a few photos of the ladies getting ready, we could hear Cindy from a distance out in the parking lot.  She was already her chatty and joyful self. We got inside and it was soon her turn to sit down and get her hair done. Anyone who knows Cindy knows to even get her to the chair was a lot of work. She wanted to tell this story and that story and reminisce with all of her friends and family.  This is what makes Cindy so special. Todd is extremely lucky to call her his wife. They are like two middle school kids (less awkward of course) in love.  We learned this from Becca and Cassie’s speeches.  I guess they still chase each other around the living room.  We got to experience this running race while taking some sunset photos of them — they decided it would be fun to race each other back to the golf cart.  We got a kick out of it. 

As the day went on, the fun kept going.  We learned pretty quick that Todd and Tedd are quite the jokesters.  They were both making people laugh nonstop. All of the bridesmaids and family made us both feel so comfortable right from the start.  From the amazing and delicious cake (we did get a slice — thanks, Kyle) and Cindy’s grandmother’s ring to the fun debate game at the reception, we loved every single detail that Cindy and Todd put into their big day.  

Both Todd and Cindy looked amazing on their wedding day.  To be honest, we are thankful Todd wore his suit and not his bright pink swim trunks we learned about in his son’s speech. We are still dreaming about trying on Cindy’s dress someday, we were in LOVE with it.  One of the little girls at the wedding said it perfectly, “she looks like a princess”. And that she did.

Thank you, Cindy and Todd, for allowing us to capture and celebrate your special day.


Erin & Emily