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July 30, 2018

Anna’s Shell Lake, WI Senior Sessions

Anna is a gem. You can tell she has a positive outlook on everything, with a strong family who is always supporting her.  When we first arrived, we saw this beauty queen walk toward us, in a white floral dress and long brown hair.  Our first thought was “wowza” and our second thought was “what a girly girl!”.  Well, we found out quick from her mom, that this isn’t Anna’s typical attire.  She wore it well and looked stunning, but she usually prefers very little or no makeup and a much more casual look, which you’ll see how she incorporated that into her session, too.

Our favorite part about working with Anna was her sense of style. It is incredibly unique to who she is.

TOP 5 things you may not know about Anna:

  1. She likes herself some Casa Mexicana. This is Emily’s all time fav, too.
  2. She would love to go to college for computer programming.
  3. Her parents think of her as smart and outgoing. We can totally see this!
  4. She could be a Kardhasian…for realz though.
  5. She loves orange sherbert ice cream.

Thanks, Anna for a great session! Check out some of her session below.


Erin & Emily