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July 27, 2018

Piercing Blues: Rice Lake, WI Senior Session

What a cutie.  Josie has such a sweet soul.  She is incredibly easy to talk to and I can imagine that everyone loves them some Josie. She stuck with us through her session.  The weather was up and down and all over the place. One minute we were sweating and the next the wind was knocking us right over.  Thankfully, the changing tent (yes, the royal blue changing tent you all see), stayed intact.  Not to mention, Josie had an amazing assistant along with her.  Emma was fantastic and very motherly. We just love when our seniors bring along a friend.  It helps them stay relaxed and have tons of fun.

Our favorite part about working with Josie was her amazing manners. We know she is stunning on the outside, but she is also a stunner on the inside. Not to mention, she has brains….lots of brains.

TOP 5 things you may not know about Josie:

  1. She is extremely detailed.
  2. She has the cutest nose scrunch when she laughs.
  3. She has the cutest handwriting.
  4.  She doesn’t really care to add any toppings to her ice cream. Talk about self-control. We need lessons from Josie.
  5. She doesn’t care for the weird eyebrow trends going on right now.

Thanks, Josie for a great session! Check out some of her session below.


Erin & Emily