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July 25, 2018

Sunny and Cool Morning Session: Rice Lake, WI

This session was sooooo easy right from the start.   Kiara was beyond laid-back for us.   While Erin thought Kiara was just super busy and not getting back to her, on the phone, she was last minute shopping for her outfits. She was very indecisive with shoes and outfit choices, which sounds a little more like her sister than Kiara herself.  However, we adored every outfit she put on….and her shoes of course ;-).

Kiara has no idea what she wants to do yet after high school.  Her mom says she will live with her forever, as she feels like she is still 8 years old.  She does have the energy and personality of a cute little 8-year-old, so we can see that! She is so much fun to be around.

5 things you may not know about Kiara:

  1. Her favorite store is Hollister…our mom always told us that we needed a flashlight to shop there. Now that we are getting older, we see what she meant, it’s soooo dark!
  2. She loves Noodles and Company. Okay, yum.
  3. Her friend would probably describe her as fun and outgoing.
  4. Kiara loves spending time at her camper and the lake.
  5. Her mom tells us she has a bit of a shoe obsession and has had this ever since she was little…watch out Carter, she likes to shop! 😉

Thanks, Kiara for a great session! Check out some of her session below.


Erin & Emily