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July 21, 2018

Chill BFF Session in Rice Lake, WI: Every Blonde needs a Brunette BFF!

Ally and Alicia are adorable, you guys.  They couldn’t be cuter and sweeter. Ally is a math wizard, while Alicia rocks it on the tennis court (she made it to State last year–whoop whoop!).  Ally’s friends would describe her as awkward and funny.  Her “awkwardness” definitely did not show in the pictures!! She nailed it. Alicia’s friends would describe her as humorous and energetic.   We could tell at her session that she brings a lot of energy into a room!

Our favorite part about working with them is witnessing their amazing friendship.  This is a friendship that will last a lifetime!

5 things you may not know about Ally and Alicia:

  1. Alicia’s favorite restaurant is Kids Korner. We LOVE it, too! Good choice!
  2. Ally’s parents would describe her as sassy and dedicated.
  3. Alicia plans to attend college to become an elementary teacher.
  4. Ally would love to go into the business field after college. She will be doing an internship this coming school year.
  5. They both have a favorite app on their phones. It’s a big surprise…Snap Chat?! What? That must be a new one… 😉

Check out some of their sessions below:


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