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July 17, 2018

Sports and Sweets – Rice Lake, WI Senior Session

We think we just beat the heat on this session!  Although it was early morning, the sun was popping out fast for us, but Mady managed to make it through to the end.  She is such a sweetheart.  We know we say that about a lot of our seniors, but Mady is something special. That’s for sure. We loved hearing all about Mady’s athletics.  She will participate in three sports this year: volleyball, basketball, and softball.  Softball is probably her favorite sports season if she had to pick just one.  Plus, she gets an awesome treat if she hits a home run! More on home runs below.

Our favorite part about working with Mady was really getting to know the unique kid who she is. She has a huge heart!

Mady plans to attend college after high school and we know wherever and whatever she decides on will work for her!

TOP 5 things you may not know about Mady:

  1. She LOVES Culvers. Hamburger with just Ketchup anyone?!
  2. Cookie dough on chocolate custard is her go-to (our kinda taste here).
  3. Her favorite color is purple. Although, she didn’t wear any purple for her session. 😉
  4. She has hit many home runs, but one of the times she hit it and it went right smack dab into her boyfriend’s truck. Whoops…or good aim?! 😉
  5.  She cannot stand mismatched socks.

Thanks, Mady for a great session! Check out some of her session below.