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July 13, 2018

State Champion Duo: Rice Lake, WI Senior Session


DeAirus and Marquez were so much fun to work with at their session! We felt like the paparazzi following these all-stars around.  They are ahhhhhmazing athletes.  We did decide to do a track competition with them.  We wanted it to be fair (we didn’t want them to feel bad losing to us) so we split them up and had one on each of our teams.  DeAirus and Erin were the winners, but we all know they cheated. 😉  Marquez and Emily know that they are a better football duo than the other two.

Our favorite part about working with them is how polite and kind they both were.  These two will go far with their academic and athletic abilities! We can’t wait to see where life takes them.

5 things you may not know about the twins:

  1. DeAirus’s favorite restaurant is Texas Roadhouse (we used to work there!!) and Marquez’s favorite restaurant is Applebee’s.
  2. They are state champions in both Track and Field and Football! WHAT?!?
  3. DeAirus learned to master the hurdles in just a couple of weeks and went to state for them.
  4. We think Marquez will be one of the fastest sprinters in the state this year!
  5. They would both love to travel to Hawaii someday.  When the two of them become famous, they are welcome to pay our way as well. 😉

Check out the duo studs below.