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March 28, 2018


Top 5 Obsessions of High School Kids Now (from our perspective): 

#1- Fortnite: Okay, this seems to be the only thing both guys and girls are talking about these days. It’s so popular that when someone at school mentioned a Fortnightly Scholarship, everyone actually stopped talking and listened to the announcements (we all know this doesn’t happen very often).  Little did they know, it had nothing to do with their gaming obsession! We are aware that the new thing is the Fortnite Mobile…boom.

#2- Snap Chat Filters and Selfies: We will admit, we spend some nights sending snaps back and forth with all of the silly filters, but we don’t snap as much as high school kids. When asking them if they text, they laugh and say “no, we snap.” Oh, well if we snapped back in our day, that meant we blew up at someone because they made us mad. This reminds of the song by Tim McGraw called “Back When”.  Just a few years ago, kids would try and hide the fact that they were taking a selfie and now they do it to blend in. It just makes us laugh. We prefer photobombing the selfies if at all possible. Who doesn’t love a good photobomb? Wait.  Is it still called a photobomb?

#3- Skinny Pants and Leggings: Alright, they are constantly getting smaller, shorter, and tighter. It started with girls and now the guys are hopping on the trend of skinny pants.  Not to mention, the boys’ basketball players are starting to have shorter shorts than the girl’s team.  This reminds us of Magic Johnson and Larry Bird.

Image by: Gerald File via The Boston Herald

#4- Google: If they can’t figure something out, they turn to Google. Don’t get what we mean? Google it!

Image by: Google

#5- “That One Hairstyle” that ALL the Guys Have: You know what we are talking about.  Dalen (pictured below), is totally killin’ the haristyle of course! It’s the flip over, fade away, fohawk thingy.  We have to admit, we have both attempted to convince our hubby’s to get the haircut, but they aren’t buying it. We tell them they are stuck in the 90’s. Although, neither of them have the infamous 90’s bowl cut. Thankfully!

Top 5 Obsessions of Erin and Emily in High School:

#1- Texting, Predictive Text, and Snake: If you played Snake, you were rockin’ it in high school.  If you don’t know what it is, Google it, right?  There was no Snap Chat…and Facebook didn’t come out until after we graduated.  Our phones (dumbphones) were used to make phone calls and text. That’s it. Boring, right?  You had a pretty happenin’ phone if your phone had predictive text, too. Emily was a pro at all of this.

Images by: Arvid Rudling

#2- Encyclopedias: Yes, we used books for our research papers. And yes, we were homework junkies. Near the end of high school, we started using more of the Internet to research, but most of our research was looking at books and writing information down by hand. When we were in high school, people used Yahoo as their main search engine. To be honest, we aren’t even sure if we remember Google.

#3-Denim Skirts and Knee-High Socks: If you showed up to school in a denim skirt, everyone noticed. And if it was from American Eagle or Hollister, you were really stylin’.  However, you were also probably getting in trouble for a dress-code violation. The denim skirts are making a comeback! We weren’t into the denim skirts as much as the knee-high basketball socks we wore for every practice and every game.  If you had knee highs and you wore TWO pairs, you looked like the star basketball player. The transition from these socks to ankle and no-show socks wasn’t an easy one for us.

#4- Mess Buns: It is called a mess bun.  Then why did girls spend hours trying to master the mess bun? The mess had to be perfect. We can remember mornings where we would put a mess bun in, look in the mirror and redo it over and over again. Those mornings were terrible! By the time you walked out the door, the bun didn’t even look messy anymore. This is how we always wore our hair. And is still is our go-to hairstyle on most weekends.

#5- Cruising Main Street: If you wannabe my lover, you’ve got to get with my friends….anybody? Well, this is what we listened to on a cassette tape, while driving up and down main street. Embarrassing! We would sit three people in the front of our 1992 Buick Regal and drive for something to do. We would naturally crank up the Spice Girls like we owned the town.

We love reminiscing, trends, and seeing how they do a full cycle at some point. A LOT of trends we grew up with in the 90’s are making a comeback (just Google it…we just did). We LOVE that the 90’s style is coming back. We are seeing neon colors, fanny packs, scrunchies, and much more. It makes us feel young again.



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