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October 6, 2018

Rice Lake, WI – The Drew Family

Hey everyone! I am Emily, one of the photographers of E-Squared Photography. Erin, the other half, is the one who captured these beautiful images. Typically we don’t have our clients drive to pick us up, but in this case, we drove and picked up Erin to steal her away from her busy life so she could take some family photos for us. Erin’s family photos will be coming soon!!!

I thought I would share a little bit about myself and my amazing family! I am so incredibly fortunate to be taking a sabbatical this year (thank you Rice Lake School District for this amazing opportunity) to work on our photography business. So far it has been amazing! I have had time to do things that before Erin and I were staying up until midnight doing after our day jobs. It is nice to have some nights back in my life to spend with family. I absolutely LOVE photography and my favorite thing about it is spending time with our amazing clients. We are so lucky to meet such great people every day. My hope is that I love this year and working on our business so much that I can make it a permanent gig for myself. I am so thankful my husband is supportive of this decision. He is truly my biggest cheerleader (Do you like that I called you a cheerleader, Rob?).

Speaking of Rob, let’s chat about The Heart Throb everyone hears about! Three words I would use to describe Rob: Passionate, Postive, and Selfless. Rob is the Jail Captain for the Polk County Sheriff’s Office. No matter what his job has been (construction worker, farmer, jailer, or jail captain), he has always been so passionate about it. He has always loved his job. This is a special trait that he has! He wakes up, loves to go to work and gives every day his best. I am so proud of him for landing such an amazing job in Polk County! They are lucky to have him. Rob has such a positive outlook on life. He is the definition of an optimist. I like to say that he gets it from his mother. She is the most cheerful and positive woman! We are so lucky to have her in our lives. Lastly, Rob is selfless. He is always making sure that everyone in our family is happy. The best part about having a husband like this? He always picks the restaurant that he knows I want (usually Casa) even though I say I don’t care (right, ladies?). Our family is so lucky to have this man in our lives. He is the worlds greatest daddy! Ask anyone that knows him. They will agree. We love you, Rob!

Next, up is Myla! Three words to describe Myla: Thoughtful, Creative and Joyful. This young girl wants to be an artist when she grows up (yep, get’s that from me. I am deep down amazing at art…nope not at all). Myla is constantly creating art projects for other people. Her projects usually always involve lots of tape, stickers, glue, scissors, lots of paper, and paint. Mom’s favs! Myla is always very happy and excited to try new things and meet new friends. We love this pumpkin so much and don’t want her to grow up!

Elsie. Elsie. Elsie. Three words to describe this girl: Monster, Crazy, and Spunky. Ok, Just kidding. Elsie is spunky (can’t get rid of that one), caring and persistent. From day one, we knew we had our hands full with this girl. She has always been a touch more difficult. They say that with a second child, right? Even though she has always kept us on our toes, we have the worlds biggest cuddle bug in our lives. She loves, loves, loves snuggling up on the couch (she is currently laying on my lap as I type this and I could not love it more) and will stop what she is doing in the middle of playing, run over to us and give us a hug and a kiss and say I love you. MELT. MY. HEART. We love this girly so much. Let me tell you though, she is one persistent little girl. She will push and push and push until she can get what she wants. She’s lucky she’s a cutie! 😉

Well, that is my family. I am so grateful for them and cannot wait to see what our future holds!

Take a look at some of the photos from our session with Erin below!